Alex Howarth Yoga

Alex has practiced and taught yoga for many years; along side working in the management side of gyms and coaching CrossFit. She decided to take her passion for yoga full time and make it her primary focus.

Project Goals

Strong Minimal Modern Brand Design for a Multi-Market Brand

With a cross-over brand that needed to fit into both her modern take on a yoga class and her more corporate clients. Alex got in touch to help her create the ideal look and feel that would resonate with her yoga clients.

The result

After chatting with Alex, we decided that we had to use her name as the business name, as she was the main selling factor of the business. Most people that take Alex’s classes like them because they aren’t like a “typical yoga class”, they are energetic, and sometimes you’ll hear the odd swear word or outburst of laughter, while also being challenged and the rest of the class cheering you on when you nail a move you’ve been struggling with.

The irregular circles in her logo represent the energy that a yoga class gives you as it’s all about your journey but also that it’s not about being perfect, it’s about moving in away that helps your body not looking great in an instagram post!

The un-fussy font allows for great creative flexibility in usage options as it needs to easily work alongside video and images as well as on various branded apparel for both male and female members.

As an absolute photography novice, Leah's guide has been a massive help. I make brownies, and by nature, they are brown and have been pretty difficult to make look interesting. I've been really trying to avoid a brown Instagram feed, but really struggled. The guide walked me through how best to use the photography app that I have had downloaded on my phone for over a year (Snapseed) but avoided because I didn't know how to do anything but add a filter. The guide has taken me step by step through how to set up my photos, how to set my phone camera up to make things easier, and how to edit the photo to create the look I have been longing for. In only a couple of weeks, I have seen so much more activity on my Instagram feed, my photos look bright and interesting, and I've had comments on the quality of my photos, not just on their content. Leah has shown me, that with just a few cheap props, I can create the photos I want from home, and I now understand much more about all the elements required to edit a photo. I have invested in more props, and connot wait for them to arrive so I can experiment more!
I had some one to one social media training with Leah and I learnt loads! I needed to understand more about how it all worked to promote my business and gain more followers. Leah gave me some great tips and the confidence to just get on with it! Since then I have gone from posting once every couple of weeks to posting everyday and my followers are increasing with every post. Thank you Leah!

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Leah has been a corner stone in the creating and branding of my business. And I couldn’t have done it without her. She supports through every step of the way and has Fantastic attention to detail and inspiring ideas. When I’ve no clue what I need or really want on some projects she’s managed to come up with some brilliant answers and not made me feel out of touch. Leah can help with any design need big or small. Just the best person to have on your team.